Factors affecting mental illness

Mental illness is a state which affects the brain and affects the thinking and behavioral process of a human being. Different types of symptoms occur when a person suffers from mental illness ranging from behavioral changes, depressive symptoms, changes in eating habits, swings in mood etc..It becomes difficult to live a normal life due to these changes in a person’s life.
This is caused by a multitude of factors and not just one. These factors are discussed here in different categories:

1. Genetic Factors:  In some cases, genes are responsible for mental illness. It means that a person who has a family history of mental illness are more prone to suffer from this problem. It is not only linked to various abnormalities in just one person but to several generations. So this is the reason that people inherit it. When these people pass through abhorrent situations and excessive stressful situations then they lose the balance of their mind and are under the trap of this problem.

2. Physical Factors:  Physical factors include any type of damage to the brain at the time of birth or accident. This is due to the fact that certain area of the brain got damaged in an accident or trauma at the time of the birth which leads to mental illness. A problem called as autism is also the result of early fetal brain development. Mental illness is also linked with chemical imbalances in the brain. When the chemicals known as neurotransmitter does not help the nerve cells to transfer impulses then the communication is affected and leads to illness.There are some diseases that affect the brain functioning and results in mental illness.
These are Tuberculosis meningitis, Encephalitis lethargica, etc. also result in mental illnesses.

3. Psychological Factors:  Psychological factors are related to the emotional aspect in a person’s life. When anybody passes through agonizing experiences in their lives like sexual abuse, domestic violence, despotic experiences then they find it difficult to cope with such physiologically painful past. In some cases, the fear or death of losing a loved one, betrayal also affects the mental state and partakes to mental illness. 

4. Environmental Factors: When a person lives in an unsafe environment which gives a sense of insecurity like in war areas, earthquake and natural disaster prone areas, gangster area then it provokes mental illness in him/her. This is because of constant fear of death or loneliness.

5. Social Factors:  Social factors include upbringing in an egotistical society, negligent parents, parental discord, lack of social circle and friends. All these factors affect the balance of the brain and the public appearance changes which ultimately conduces mental illness.
Please note that mental illnesses and mental retardation are totally different terms. People suffering from mental illness do not show any signs and symptoms in mental, cognitive and social functions. The presence of single or combination of one or more above given factor can be the cause of mental illness.

It is very important that people suffering from mental illness should not be looked down upon with insolence. They just need unconditional love to live life happily and free from depression.

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