What Goes On In Your Cells When Cancer Is Progressing

Cancer is a lump of abnormal cells that can originate in any region of the body. To start with these are ‘normal’ cells, but due to certain reasons they can mutate and change, to look different from the original. As their looks transform they turn aggressive and replicate at a fast speed; (this process is called apoptosis) and the exercise of tumor formation starts. They grow non-stop and consequentially start to build on top of each other, and occupy large tracts of space, which in turn out strips their blood supply. (Our cell health lean on an uninterrupted supply of oxygenated blood to function properly.)

When a cluster of cells become separate from the blood stream they start to release chemicals to prompt new blood vessels to develop and nourish them. This stage is called angiogenesis.
Angiogenesis is a vital component of our body’s growth. When executed accurately, angiogenesi repairs the body by producing intelligent blood vessels or capillaries under injuries or for example in the uterus during the menstrual cycle.
An unbalanced angiogenesis cause diseases; for example, our body carries 40,000 cancerous cells on a daily basis, nonetheless, the right balance of angiogenesis is kept and hence the cancer cells actually starve to death. A lots of fruits and vegetables can aid in keeping this balance and work much better than the anti-angiogenic drugs.
At this stage the cells have amassed abnormally and developed a new fuel source for themselves. They replicate non-stop storming peripheral areas of tissue doing widespread damage. This can result in internal blockage which starts associated symptoms or pain, if the tumor storms muscles and nerves.
This is the starting stage of tumor growth and it has not spread to other regions of the body. (just the local surrounding tissue). It’s a benign tumor and can be treated successfully.
If the size of the tumor grows so big that it runs out of space, it frees a section of itself to make it grow in fresh areas of the body. In medical terms this process is dubbed metastasis or secondary deposits.
Tumors which storm and metastasis are called malignant tumors. Malignant tumors spread aggressively so it’s tough to fight them away.

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