Top 9 Herbs That Help Cleanse Kidneys

Prescription drugs cause around 106,000 deaths in a year ----- a Journal of the American Medical Association report says two-hundred and ninety people in the United States are killed  by prescription drugs daily. There is so much dependance on medication and drugs, that the healing power of foods have been forgotten. You must realize that food can help treat countless number of diseases. Along with medication you need to pick your foods diligently when you are battling to cure an ailment.

Chanca Piedra : Chanca piedra, or “stone breaker,” is best for  kidneys and this has been ratified by several  clinical trials. It's found abundantly in South America and is used commonly for kidney, bladder and liver health.

Goldenrod : Native American tribes use Goldenrod to boost urinary tract health. As per research this herb tones up the urinary tract and detoxify kidneys.

Hydrangea Root : Native Americans and early settlers used hydrangea root to boost  kidney and bladder health. It works as solvent and help smooth the rough edges of  kidney stones. This root promote proper absorption of calcium, to help stop formation of kidney stones.

Celery Root : The root and seeds of celery are  natural diuretics --- they help drain toxins by raising urine output. 

Gravel Root : Gravel root a.k.a Joe Pye weed is a favorite of Native Americans and early American colonists used it for boosting kidney and urinary health. It carries  euparin content --- a solvent with potent activity against harmful organisms. It helps to keep infections at bay. 

Uva-Ursi :  A.k.a “bearberry,” uva-ursi has been used extensively by many cultures. An astringent it can sedate and tone up the urinary tract.

 Marshmallow Root :  It's a sedative herb and helps soothe the  tissues of the urinary tract. It acts like a  diuretic to promote urination. As per studies it helps soothe  irritated mucous membranes.

Dandelion root : Dandelion is full of benefits ---- dandelion root acts as a  diuretic and boost waste elimination.

Parsley : It's a  aromatic, flavorful herb that helps hamper the build up of toxins in the kidneys and entire urinary tract.

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