Effects of Single Parenting on children

Single parenting is not an easy thing for parents and for the children too. Children need to deal with the dissension between their parents. Although there are lots of negative associations linked with single parenting but it has as positive side also as the single parent is diligent in looking after their kids well to avoid the problems that comes up in one parent household.
The effects of one parent on children give changes to the perception of the world. There was a time when the separation of the parents was a rare thing as the parents were more concerned about the negative effects of parenting their child and they are forced to keep their own differences on the side track and live a life on compromise just for the sake of their children. But the time has changed now due to lifestyle changes. In modern civilized society, single parenting is common and sadly is a growing trend. Some of the positive and negative effects of single parenting are discussed here:

1. Academic Growth:

The children of single parents have lower grades and higher dropout rates as they are under a kind of stress due to the separation of their parents or we can say parental discord. The working time of a single parent is more and they are also not able to give some time to their children’s academic growth.

2. Lack of Socioeconomic Status:

The socioeconomic status of children who are living with a single parent is less than children who are living with both the parents. The household income sometimes is also low which leads to lack of health care facilities, nutritious food, clothing and accessories. Single parents avoid social gatherings which affects the circle of their children also.

3. Dereliction:

The behaviors of the children are more prone to become antisocial. They may resort to use of drug and alcohol, criminal activity, risk of sexual behavior, truant acts etc. The lack of emotional support from both the parents leads them to build a personality which wants to live as a single parent in the future also.

4. Mental and Emotional Issues:

A lot of emotional and mental problems are linked with children of separated parents. They face the issues of attachment, insecurity and anxiety at different stages of life. At various times, they become angry, depresses, isolated and anxious. These issues have to resolve by the parents with the help of pediatricians and school counselors.

5. Strong bonding with one parent:

The children that are up ringed by single parent hold a strong bond with one parent. This bond gives them a platform to share all types of things like friendship, dating, sexual life and other things which are hard for children to discuss with both parents.

6. Better Work Ethics:

If household income is less, so children of one parent start working at a younger age. This helps them to develop strong work ethics as they understand the sense of responsibility and hard work and become mature at an early age. But this situation gives them less or no time for extra-curricular activities like playing sports, hanging out with friends in clubs and partying which is also a need of today’s generation.
Children are a contemplation of the values that parents inculcate into them. So you need to ensure that single parenting does not spoil the life of the children, who are the best gift of God to lead a delighted and fulfilled life.

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