20 Different Uses Of Lemon Juice

1. Freshen the Fridge : Lemons frees refrigerator from all types of odors easily. Put lemon juice on the cotton or dab and place it down in the refrigerator for hours. 

2. High BP Level : Lemon contains potassium that controls high BP level and lessens the effect of vomiting and faintness.

3. Mental wellbeing : Lemon water can also prep up your temper and alleviate you from depressive disorder as well as strain.

4. Pep up Cutting Boards : Lemon also helps to refresh your smelly chop boards. You make use of it to cut onions, squeeze garlic, and make fish. 

5. Respiratory Troubles : Lemon water is helpful in phlegm; and can also aid you respire appropriately and helps an individual having asthma.

6. Addressing Arthritis and Rheumatism : Lemon water helps in the fabrication of urine and lessens swelling and bacteria whilst also providing you respite from arthritis as well as rheumatism.

7.Helps in Preventing Kidney Stones : Regular consumption of lemon drink helps prevent the development of crystals, which may take form of kidney stones

8. Keep Insects Away From Kitchen : Put some drops of lemon juice on doorsills and windowpanes and put lemon juice into any traps or splits where the ants are entering. 

9. Anti-Aging : Lemon water lessens the fabrication of free radicals.

10. Keep Fruit and Vegetable Fresh : Lemon is a natural sanitizer and will leave your fruits and veggies fresh and smelling good in addition.

11. Take Care Of Infections : Lemon water can help clear throat contagions owing to its antibacterial property.  

12.Cleanses The Blood : Lemon water aids to cleanse the blood. We eat a lot of junk food with a lot of additives and synthetic flavors and to cleanse the blood, lemon is really effective.

13. Oral Health : The juice helps put a stop to bleeding gums and diminishes toothaches

14.Reduce Age Spots : To lessen marks or mark with freckles, apply lemon juice directly to the region.

15. Make a Room Scent/Humidifier : Ventilate and dampen the air in your residence on arid winter days. Make room perfume with the help of lemon. 

16. Clean and Whiten Nails : Put the juice of 1/2 lemon to 1 cup lukewarm water and put your tips in the liquid for around five minutes. 

17. Cleanse Your Face : Apply lemon juice on blackheads in order to draw them out during the day. You can also apply lemon juice on your face to give it a natural look. 

18. Freshen Your Breath : Make a spontaneous gargle by rinsing with lemon juice directly from the pot. Make use of it for a fresh breath. 

19. Treat Flaky Dandruff : To get rid of irritated, flaking dandruff from your head, use lemon juice. You just have to knead 2 tablespoons juice into your scalp and wash with warm water.

20. Headaches :  Just add lemon juice to some teaspoonfuls of hot tea to cure headaches.

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