Best Weight Loss Diet

Everybody wants to stay between a desired weight bracket and when it goes beyond it then it becomes very disheartening.A lot of self control and determination are required to lose weight as losing weight is not an easy task. The regular diet schedule has to be followed and at the same side you should enjoy your favorite foods as if you will stop enjoying the food then the urge will become too large to handle.
Start your day with being active by walking/jogging for at least one kms in a day. It is not necessary to do any vigorous exercise daily. You can sign in for yoga classes to give the right shape to your body while sitting in a relaxed position which will cut down your calories.
Here you can check out the best weight loss meal plans for men and women

Breakfast7:30 am-9:00 am:

Eat your breakfast like a king. But here it means that you can eat bigger portions of healthy food stuff not the pancakes, bacon and eggs. Start your day with low fat milk with a whole wheat cereal without adding any sugar into it. You can add a fruit like apple, banana, and papaya into it. Berries or a spoon full of honey can also be added. It is better to eat a bowl of fruit before eating cereal. Munch properly so that bloating in the stomach does not take place as proper munching is required while following any weight loss meal plans. Coffee should be decaffeinated made with low fat milk or stevia and it can be taken in an office or home.
Egg lovers should not make a habit of eating eggs daily instead they should switch between cereal diet or fruit diet or brown bread diet in between. Two hard boiled eggs or a fried omelet in non –fattening oil like olive oil can be taken at breakfast.

Midday 10:30am-11:30am:

This time you can have a cup of decaffeineted coffee ,green tea,fresh juices,soups with high fiber biscuits and nuts.The snacks that you taken here should preferably without salt and sugar.

Lunch 1:00 pm- 2:30 pm:

Lunch should be of healthy without any fried, oily and spicy food. Eat a big bowl of salad that consists of tomatoes, lettuce, black olives, cucumber, broccoli, carrots, and poached shredded chicken with dressings of low fat/olive oil. A small portion of grilled chicken/fish can also be taken sometime for a change. Avoid mixing both meals of salad and fish or chicken. A beverage can be of weight loss shake that is full of nutrients like fresh juices without any sweeteners.

Snacks 3:30pm-5:00pm:

When you want to have any snack during indoors, outdoors or at work then choose from healthy snacks only like whole grain biscuits (plain without salt), nuts-pine nuts, almonds or pistachios (without salt), a bowl of grapes, green tea (without milk and sugar). A good amount of water should be taken between breakfast and lunch.

Dinner 7:00 pm -8:00 pm:

Avoid eating anything between lunch and evening meal except lots of water or green tea. Try to finish your last meal before 8 pm. This is because the stomach should stay empty for at least two hours before you got to bed. Any meal after 8 pm will slow down the digestion of the body and it will remain in the stomach for longer time and gives space for bloating. A combination of a brown bread toast with non –fat butter can be taken at night. Avoid having cheese at night. Green tea helps in weight loss so take it with stevia. A small bowl of fruits can also be taken at night which will give your body enough nutrients.
These weight loss meal plans will do wonders and it just need a commitment on it .So loose your excess body fat and look lean.Have a healthy and fit life ahead!

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