Yep! This is the Face of Pregnancy

This morning I overslept, attempting to beat off my daily nausea. Just as I got into my bathroom to get ready for work, it hit me anyway. I pulled my face out of my toilet and made my way to the sink. I looked at my sweaty, makeup-stained, swollen-lipped face and thought, "Yep, this is the face of pregnancy."

And it's not adorable.
But it only took a second for my husband's comment from last night to fill my thoughts and my heart... "This is probably our last baby."
Girl, boy, million dollar family or not, this is probably my last pregnancy. The last time I'll spend my days throwing up more often than I'm able to eat. This "pregnancy face" won't happen again and by God, every time I shove my face in that porcelain throne, I'll thank God for the opportunity he gave me to carry another tiny miracle.
Yep, I know that this is a gift; not all women can carry babies or get pregnant. Many women who dream of becoming mothers have their dreams delayed. I've watched too many people I love with broken hearts because they haven't received their own tiny miracles.
Someone once told me how much she hated being pregnant and how it made her feel. It wasn't "fun." This comment has haunted me for years!
So, this face... this face of nausea, sweat and tears... I'm thankful for this reminder every morning of what is growing inside of me. In a few months I'll labor to bring another sweet face into this world. I'll say my last first "hello" to my newborn.
I'll never regret this gift!

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