The Top Most Effective Natural Antibiotics

1. It is a point to ponder what the consequences would have been if Sir Fleming’s discovery of Penicillium notatum’s antibacterial power had remained uncorrupted. Unfortunately it did not. Big Pharma took over the natural powers of the mould and its ability to kill Staphylococcus aureus, and what resulted from that can be seen in abundance today. Modern antibiotics are a nightmare, causing more problems than they solve. Overuse has resulted in super-bugs that are beatable only by extremely powerful drugs – and those have dangerous side-effects of their own. 

2. Luckily enough, there are abundant alternatives in nature, with effective powers against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Their deep healing abilities can protect the human body. Best of all, they are easily available. In fact, if you got up right now, you could find these delicious foods and herbs in your fridge, your pantry or your cupboard. Natural antibiotics give us hope in the presence of rather human-unfriendly pharmaceutically made antibiotics. The best thing about natural antibiotics is they not only give us protection but also different health benefits. This is where natural antibiotics win the race against artificially prepared antibiotics. 

3. Garlic : Not only has this herb been used to add delicious flavor to food, but it is also known worldwide for its medicinal uses, for several thousands of years. The black plague, H.pylori, MRSA infections, pneumonia, even simple flu or earache can be treated with this plant. Garlic has a natural chemical known as allicin which can kill viruses and fungi like candida. Research has proven that it has antioxidants which can kill both free radicals and bacteria, and thereby protect and strengthen the immune system.  Taking supplements of garlic may be able to protect you against several fatal and dangerous diseases which otherwise may not be controllable at all by artificial and unnatural antibiotics. 

4. Echinacea :  This immune-system booster and infection-fighter has been used to treat any number of diseases for the past hundreds of years. In the past, it was used for fighting bacteria found in open wounds or the ones causing syphilitic lesions, diphtheria, blood poisoning and cellulitis. Although it is only used to battle flu and colds these days, it has the facility to defeat deadly MRSA infections. 

5.  Colloidal Silver : The ability of colloidal silver to kill germs and bacteria was a property that was spotted over a hundred years ago. Since then, we’ve had evidence in the form of anecdotes from cured people and clinical cases that colloidal silver can kill all sorts of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Unfortunately, the FDA tries to do its usual thing and disrepute the healing effects of this metal. But the evidence – that is, its effectiveness in healing MRSA, sores, infections and wounds – proves the FDA wrong. 

6. Pau D'Arco : This herb was used in concoctions to strengthen the and fight deadly illnesses by Native Americans, especially those in South America, where the herb is found. It has a special chemical called lapachol, which may even be able to kill cancer cells, although that’s something that still needs research. At the moment though, Pau d’Arco is definitely known to kill bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It can even be brewed and drunk as a tea!

7. Manuka Honey : Even deadly flesh-eating bacteria and MRSA can be defeated by the nifty but powerful Manuka honey. Manuka honey is a food stuff found in New Zealand as well as in Australia. It has been researched and found not only to kill a wide range of horrible bacteria easily, but also without causing resistance. It’s most effective when used topically. 

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