Stress And Isolation Among HIV Patients

Many instances of HIV positive people suffering from Aids have increased in numbers all over the globe since last few years; many people have knowingly or unknowingly contracted the disease and have lead miserable life for the time till they survived. 
The studies reveal that people suffering from HIV have been facing more problems of stress and isolation. They more surprising fact that is highlighted here is that people below the age of 50 faces more stressful and isolated life that people above the age of 50.

1. What is HIV? : HIV is a disease contracted when the body loses its potential immunity to fight other disease, The HIV cells present in blood kill the resistance power of the body and hence the person who is suffering from Aids is said to be growing weaker day by day and lest he or she dies due to suffering from a regular diseases. HIV is passed on from a contacted person to another healthy person through exchange of blood through many activities like blood transfusion, using a used syringe for injecting, having unprotected with infected person, form a HIV positive pregnant mother to her child etc.

2. How to deal with this? : Keeping the spirits of people suffering high is one way to deal with the disease with medication. People should not be considered less unable to be part of normal life and society. They should be looked at with respect and dignity. They should not be left in isolation, unattended because this disease is cured with more of confidence in life and themselves. Lacking of interest in life and feel of guilt can make the person weaker than the disease can actually do. Give them a hope to live and enjoy like others. Moral support, love and affection can make a lot of difference in the lives of people suffering from HIV.

3. Join an Organization : There are many NGOs who work for welfare of the HIV Aids patients. These organizations provide all kinds of facilities like stay, medicines and company to HIV patients. Patients should connect with such organization where they can find people who can understand their feeling and can deal with them properly. They are also providing medical assistance to HIV Aids patients. They make arrangements for the purpose of giving Aids victims a better life. Many such organizations have people volunteering the same are themselves people who have fought all the grave conditions of this disease and moved up in their life to get associated with the cause and inspire other people. Patients generally get good morale boosting sessions with these volunteers.

4. Take precautions and proper care : Patients should generally be aware of their needs irrespective of the fact that it’s tough to face the outside world always see the brighter side of things. When you have feeling of isolation then one should try and spend more time taking care of themselves and their loved ones. When you engross yourself in to these activities then you think less about the outer world. Look up to take care of your health with proper medical supervision and medications to survive in a better manner with the disease.

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