Healthy Habits Healthy Life

To have a good health is a boon. We live in a world where disease, obesity and epidemics are a common thing. In these times we should cultivate healthy eating habits and lifestyle so that we can enjoy the other small things of life. If we have healthy habits, then we can have healthy life and can also be free from the diseases always.

1 .Healthy Habits : Healthy habits are very important in everyone’s life. Care should be taken for small things so that our body remains fit. Some of the healthy habits are listed as follows: 

Take proper sleep. Never stay awake too late. Body require adequate rest.

Plan your day ahead properly. When you plan to go out or you plan to stay outdoors for long eat healthy before leaving and properly hydrate your body. 

Try to focus on the work instead of food.

Do regular exercise. Exercise make our body fit and keep it flexible.
Healthy habits are so much important as our daily  intake so every care should be taken to follow our daily healthy habits carefully.

2. Healthy Eating Habits : After healthy habits, healthy eating habits are also very important. We should always be very careful about what we take or what we want to eat. Proper eating habits will keep us fit. Few important healthy eating habits include:
Eat less fat food. Avoid junk food.
Eat lots of green vegetables.
Hydrate yourself before you go. Don’t take liquid calories.
Eat food with lots of fiber. 

3. How to eat healthy : Eating healthy food is very important for body. Choose healthy food very carefully. How to eat healthy is listed below

Right Carbohydrate: Don’t eat simple carbohydrates, like sugar, flour etc, as they result in overload of carbohydrates. Instead eat complex carbohydrates like vegetables, oats etc that are digested easily and are higher in fiber.

Eat lean protein: Get 10 % to 35 % of your daily calories from proteins. Some healthy proteins are fish, cod, bass, perch etc.

Try to have monounsaturated and omega fats. They are the good fats that help your body. They help to lower the bad cholesterol of your body and increase the good cholesterol. Avoid Trans and unsaturated fats as it imbalances your body.

4.Healthy recipes : Some healthy recipes are mentioned below for your taste buds:
Saturated carrots: Boil the carrots and add salt and little spices. It is the best dish which gives you lots of proteins.

Lemon chicken breasts: Chicken dipped and marinated in lemon. Plain and simple give lots of fiber and keep you fit.
Mock Garlic Mashed potatoes: Potatoes mashed and dipped in garlic paste. A delicacy that you can enjoy whenever you want.
So at the end we would recommend that eat properly, stay healthy and try to cultivate healthy lifestyle habits. That will not only keep you fit but also it will make you a successful person in your life ahead. 

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