Healthy Body Healthy Life

1. Health is Wealth : Someone has rightly said that “health is wealth”. Without a good health  life is really miserable. But when we look at the world today, it has changed from the times when those golden words about health were uttered. Now days with the work pressure and with the increase in tension level people have resorted to eat more and more of junk food. This junk food is not only resulting in their weight increase but is also making them bodily weak which right now they are not able to understand. 

2 .Obesity : Obesity is spreading slowly like an epidemic. Though people don’t care much about it but obesity is turning out to be a deadly disease. An obese body is home for other diseases like diabetes, weak heart and increased cholesterol level. 
According to a study conducted by Buffalo university biologists, being severely overweight or obese might affect our ability to taste sweet. The taste buds of obese people become weak as compared to the taste buds of thin people. Dr. Katherine Medler, PhD and the lead scientist of this project, points out that it has been proved that obesity can lead to alterations in brain as well as the nerves that control the peripheral taste system. This reduces the ability to taste. Doctors frequently point out to their patients that regular exercise is as important as regular prayers. Only then our body can remain healthy for long time to come.

3. Diet & Weight Loss : The common misconception among people is that if they eat less food or if they totally stop eating they would become thin and therefore reduce their obesity which is wrong. To undergo the process of weight loss, a plan must be prepared. Eat food regularly but it should be plain and simple with almost nil fat. Eat lots of green vegetables and drink lots of water which will increase metabolism and hence your weight will reduce. Eat three meals of the day, but eat in a controlled manner taking limited food. This will adjust your body to bare minimum nutrition from your intake food and will use your excess fat for other functions. 

4. Nutrition Research : Nutrition  experts from all over the world have from the past decade analyzing and improving the nutrition intake of the people. Private companies like Nestle and DuPont have also taken upon themselves to bring the best nutrition supplements in market so as to reduce the obesity. The research in the field of nutrition continues, but experts point out that at the end of the day it is the individual who has to make a choice to eat healthy or eat junk food. 

5. Dieting and weight control : Not only obesity but weight control is also a big issue. Due to unawareness people generally believe that if they eat less they will remain healthy. But it’s not so. Doctors’ point out that dieting and starving yourself are two very different things. People generally starve themselves to remain in shape. That is very harmful. According to nutrition experts you should eat healthy meals three times a day, but those meals should be controlled with less fat and green vegetables. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

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