Different Types Of Blood Disorders

Blood Disorders are different types and they affect three important components of blood. Red blood Cells, White blood cells and platelets get affected by such problems. The liquid portion of the blood, plasma can also get affected.  Different types of disorders are described below - 

1. Blood Disorders affecting Red Blood Cells : Anemia- Anemic people have low red blood cells count. When people suffer with mild anemia no visible symptoms are there but severe cases of anemia patients suffer from shortness of breath, fatigue, and pale looking skin.

Iron Deficiency anemia can be caused due to low iron intake and loss of blood during menstruation cycle. The treatment includes taking iron pills and in rare cases blood transfusion is needed. 
Chronic Disease Causing Anemia- People suffering from chronic disease like kidney disease and others get this anemia. Such anemia can be treated with synthetic hormone so that blood cells could be produced and in severe cases blood transfusion is needed. 

Pernicious Anemia- this is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body. In severe cases, nerve damage can be caused. High doses of B12 are the long term solution for this anemia. 
Aplastic anemia- In such cases, bone marrow is unable to produce enough blood cells. Viral infection side effects of drugs are the probable causes of this anemia. Blood transfusion can be needed and even bone marrow transplant may be needed to treat this anemia. 
Thalassemia- this is genetic anemia and generally has no symptoms and as such no treatment is needed for the same. Some people may need regular blood thalassemia. 
Sicke Cell Anemia- This is also a genetic blood disorder where red blood cells change their shape and blood flow is blocked. This may cause pain and damage of organs. 

2. Blood Disorders Affecting White Blood Cells : Lymphoma- this is kind of blood cancer that is developed in the lymph system. The white blood cells become malignant and they start multiplying abnormally. The treatment is chemotherapy and radiation. 

Leukemia – This is another form of blood cancer where white blood cells become malignant in nature and start multiplying inside the bone marrow. Leukemia may be chronic (progress is slow) and acute (where leukemia is rapid and severe). The possible treatments are chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. 

Multiple Myeloma- This is a type of blood cancer where plasma cells become malignant in nature. These cells start multiplying abnormally and may cause organ damage in severe cases. Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant can be possible mode of treatment. 

3. Blood Disorders Affecting Platelets :  Thrombocytopenia- The platelets in the blood are lower than the actual numbers present. 
Heparin – This is induced thrombocytopenia where low platelet count is there due to reaction with Heparin. Heparin is a blood thinner that is prescribed to most of people who gets hospitalized to cure blood clots. 

4. Blood Disorders affecting Blood plasma : Sepsis – Severe infection in any body part many spread into the . The symptoms are fever, fast breathing, low blood pressure and respiratory failure. 
Hemophilia- this is a genetic disorder where patients lack certain proteins needed for blood clotting. Multiple forms of hemophilia are there that ranges from mild to fatal. 

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