Depression Natural Remedies

1. St John’s Wort : The healing effects of this herb are dated to ancient times. People have used it for centuries to cure their stress and anxiety. In traditional medicine, this natural cure is used to curtail symptoms like nervousness, worry, sadness, and poor sleep. Researches have discovered that it can act as a very potent anti-depressant. Experiments to validate this argument have been conducted showing its positive effects. It is readily available nowadays. You can buy it from drug stores or by placing an online order. It comes in various different varieties. It can be consumed in the form of herbal tea. Plenty of data is available online to discover pertinent facts about it. Normally it requires about a month to show its healing effects.

2. Cold Water Fish :  Utilize fish oil capsules prepared from fresh-water fish like salmon, anchovies, and sardines. It contains omega-3 fatty acids—a potent source of natural antidepressants.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables : People having a deficiency in vitamin B often get agitated easily and consuming foods enriched in folic acid can stabilize this condition. Appropriate choices include fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and fortified grains. These products can help to neutralize the harmful effects of depression and anxiety.

4. Lemon Balm and Skullcap : Prepare an infusion using lemon balm or skullcap. Using a moderate amount of this brew every day, can help to ease the muscles and calm your nervous system.

5. Withania : If you are suffering from a severe depression aroused by stress or anxiety then this natural cure will suffice your requirement of using a healthy anti-depressant.

6. Magnesium : Human body requires magnesium to develop serotonin which allows transmitting body temperature properly, managing metabolism and behavior. Depression has been associated with low serotonin levels. Increase the intake of magnesium and you will notice its curing effects. You can achieve this by consuming more nuts, whole grains and adding green vegetables into your diet. 

7. Acupuncture : Tiny needles used to vitalize numberless tiny points on human body known as meridians, can effectively reduce the symptoms of depression. It’s an old Chinese medical cure which has proved its worth as a better anti-depressant. It is known to perform anti-depressant role that can raise the spirit, improve your behavior, thinking and fight additional symptoms like sleep deficiency and anxiety.

8. Meditation : When dealing with depression, low stress levels are better. Meditation can benefit individuals by improving their mood and fighting stress and anxiety. One of the easiest ways of meditation is to calmly sit with closed eyes. It helps to concentrate on breathing and soothes the body.

9. Exercise : Regular exercise is very beneficial for people suffering from depression. It improves your mood. Physical activity is usually considered a good anti-depressant as it allows the muscles to stretch and perspiration improves the functioning of body. You can opt for an aerobics class, quickly walk during lunchtime or practice tennis lessons. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain that will help to modify your mood in a pleasant way.

10.  Limit or Avoid Coffee and Alcohol : Excessive use of Caffeine and alcohol has a habit of dampening the mood. In spite of having soothing effects and causing hike of energy, the final results of these types of drinks do not last long. Most people experience mood shifts, insomnia, anxiety and depression after consuming these products.

11. Reduce Sugar Intake : When the level of sugar in blood rises, it worsens the behavior and increases anxiety. While sweet and mouth-watering treats are enjoyable for a moment, they can enormously affect the way you behave or suffer from any stress at a later time.

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