Common Risk Factors Involved in Developing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis : Osteoporosis are said to be a debilitating disease that can turn the bones fragile and make them break in the near future. Osteoporosis can be treated and it can be completely prevented by following some habits in your day to day life. This type of disease can occur mostly in older people as they have weak bones. 

 Developing Osteoporosis : It is said that old people already have their bones damaged without their own knowledge and this disease can completely break their bones if proper treatment has been given to them during the initial stages. There are various factors that can make a person to  get affected by osteoporosis. The following are some of the common risk factors and some ways to avoid the occurrence of such deadly disease in your body.

Age : We human beings grow older year by year and the immune system in our body gets down year by year. This is a common fact, yet, it can turn the bone parts weak and one can experience this type of bone disease on them. Never forget to eat healthy fruits and vegetables in your teenage so that you can prevent this disease from occurring in your body in the near future.

Family History : If someone else from your family has been affected by this disease in the past, then you have the highest risk in the developing it any time inside your body. Many people do get diseased for no reason and the researchers have proved that it’s the genetic factor that gets influenced to any kid when they are born in this world and they do grow without knowing the fact that they will be affected by such bone diseases in the near future. If your grandmother, grandfather, father, mother, sister, brother have affected by this disease in the past, then you should regularly check your body with the doctor so that you can completely prevent the occurrence of it on your bones. Some might even get affected if their distant relation had experienced the same disease in the past.

Tobacco Usage : If you are a chain smoker or a drinker, then your body can easily become affected by this type of bone disease.The immune level in your body gets decreased day by day if you have kept on smoking tobacco for a long time. Get rid of this addiction so that you can live a happy life in the future. Women who have the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol can easily get affected by this disease. Women do have a very low immune system and it depends upon the foods and exercise that they do in their daily life to make their body healthy and strong.

Depression and Stress : Everyone for sure will expression depression and stress in their daily busy life. This is quite normal as everyone has to work hard to prove and stay happy in this world. People who are stressed and depressed to the occur, experience this pain for no reason. Stay happy and do everything with a smiling face to prevent such pain to occur on your bones.

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